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The Dawsongroup story

The way we support our customers as a below the radar partner means you might not have heard of us. Yet, the sheer scale of Dawsongroup means something in your life today will have utilised an asset we have leased in its journey to you.

In fact, if for one week we were to recall all of our assets, this country would be in crisis!

The impact of thousands of trucks, trailers, vans and forklifts not delivering as part of our UK supply chain, thousands of blast freezers and cold stores would not be processing tonnes of food and pharmaceuticals, thousands of bus and coaches would be removed from the roads so tens of thousands of people would struggle to commute. In addition, over 5 million miles of roads plus public and commercial properties are cleaned by our sweeper fleet a year.

In fact, if you were to line our assets up end to end they would span over 120 miles long. This is a complete lap of the M25 that orbits London! It is a fleet that is utilised every day which we maintain, MOT, track and keep clean.

The biggest impact in having to replace us would be the capital drain on the businesses who use us. Because of the way we lease our assets, our customers only pay for the utilisation over the time they need it and they don’t have to maintain or purchase the asset.

The good news is we have no intention of recalling our fleet for a week.

So you see at Dawsongroup we proudly deliver a uniquely diverse set of assets, that deliver for UK plc and Europe.


Built on service, based on trust.

At Dawsongroup temperature control solutions, when it comes to quality, the products speak for themselves, but it is the fair and honest service we provide, as well as the speed at which it is delivered, that sets us apart from our competitors.

We would describe ourselves as a hybrid; a partnership between project management and asset rental. This means our customers get the very best of both worlds! We understand that businesses are under more pressure than ever to find efficiencies. We provide cost-effective solutions to businesses that may be facing critical issues, such as storage and production constraints.

Every project we take on needs to be commercially viable. Therefore, we work in partnership with our clients to develop bespoke solutions to meet all of their needs. Our quick response and installation mean we can help you react to time-sensitive contracts in an uncertain and ever-changing marketplace.


Recent testimonials

"We had no hesitation in calling Dawsongroup, their equipment and after-support care is unrivalled in the market."

Tony Ottley, Director at Tops Foods.

"DGTCS understood what our business needed and delivered in an efficient and timely manner."

Matt Smith, Operations Support Manager at Norseland.

“You are the market leaders, it was an obvious choice."

Graeme Tinney, Operations Manager at Scottish Salmon.

"We used at DGTCS because of our long term relationship, quality of their products, cost, service and support."

Paul Macnish, General Manager at Fresh Pak.