Customer Support

Our Service Is Unrivalled

We strongly believe that our level of customer support is unmatched by anybody else, and we are always striving to improve it further.

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The Process

Firstly, as part of our customer support we offer a free of charge consultation service. This is in place to initially ascertain and agree the best solution for you. As a result, we do not wait for a contract to be signed; our different teams work together from the very beginning, which is necessary to ensure the solution will work for the customer, and so that it can be put into place, fast.


Team Dawson

Our 'team player' ethos is at the foundation of our customer support. Once a potential requirement has been identified, a number of teams start working together.

Drawings will be produced, free of charge.


The correct equipment for the requirement is selected.


Availability is checked.


Do levels need to be checked on site?


Any potential issues getting to or on site? Is a survey required?

The level of work done at each stage of the customer support process is dependent on the size of the project, for example on a Build Project we always carry out a measured site survey for producing a CAD drawing. Once the design has been agreed and before any contract is submitted for signature, we then draw up a detailed specification, including a GANTT chart, for the customer.

There are no charges at any stage irrespective of whether a deal is concluded or not. The one exception being where a geological survey is required to be carried out by independent third parties.

Post Contract Signature

Once signed the deal is then entered into the Production Schedule. If a Project Build; a pre-briefing meeting takes place communicating the project between all involved which allows us to maintain our high standards of customer support. In addition, a Site Information Pack (SIP) is given to all installation engineers attending site, if the project size warrants it, a DGTCS site manager conducts a site specific induction.

Furthermore, a client/contractor site meeting will take place to ensure the project remains on schedule, design and budget. If a project is notifiable under the CDM regulations 2015, DGTCS can take on the principal contractor and principal designer’s duties.


Unless brand new, all units go through our Body shop where modifications to match the specific deal requirement are done, plus any repairs / refurbishments. Once the work has been signed off, the unit has a pre-electrical test prior to any work commencing in the Refrigeration Bay. This involves testing all of the electrical circuits to the 17th edition regulations, with any required work carried out by qualified electricians.

Next, certified safe work begins in the Refrigeration Bay doing any modifications / special requirement as per the customers’ requirements. This is followed by a 46 point check, including F-Gas standard leak testing as well as temperature calibration checks.  Finally, the unit is set up as ‘ready to go’ and undertakes an overnight run.


Transport Movement Orders, Escorts and a crane, if required, are organised by our transport team. We always call you prior to delivery to decide a mutually agreeable collection time and ensure the site is ready. We employ our own drivers, have specialist delivery trailers and understand the need for an efficient and safe delivery to minimise disruption on your site.

Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Each customer will receive a follow up call within a month of delivery asking for feedback on the service level you experienced at each stage of the process. This enables the business to take corrective action, should we have fallen short of the standard expected. Not only does this ensure we have a satisfied customer, but also allows us to continually improve our level of customer support, which is something we strive for.

Ongoing Support

We aim to minimise breakdowns with our pre-delivery checks and two annual services. We have a 365 day 24 hour customer service desk and your call will always be answered by a Dawsongroup employee and never a third party. Our national service team of engineers are trained in problem resolution. They find the root cause of the issue, not just fixing the fault.

Bodywork Repairs 

Our team also includes mobile bodywork engineers and product support engineers, based all over the country to keep the asset in good working conditions. They will address bodywork issues reported in, plus we will arrange a 3 year Bodywork service to reseal cappings and joints.