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07 May 2019

Improving shelf life and minimising food waste

1.9 million tonnes of food are wasted by the food industry every year in the UK. With pressure on the supply chain continuing to increase, decreasing food waste is at the forefront of the industry’s mind. Increasing the shelf life of a product can not only decrease the waste in a manufacturing facility but will

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12 Nov 2018

Blast Freezing and Tempering

Blast freezing and tempering play crucial parts in a range of industries. For example, when goods and products have limited shelf life, both blast freezing, and tempering can help. Blast freezing is the process of freezing something, especially food with a rapid current of chilled air. Tempering on the other hand can bring the temperature

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02 Oct 2018

Cold Food Storage

The main difference between a domestic fridge and a large capacity commercial cold storage unit is the power and accuracy they offer to the food and catering industry. Food can become easily spoilt if not chilled to the right temperature. Leaving you with no option but to lose money on wasted stock. Your cold storage

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02 Oct 2018

Brexit Uncertainty

Contingency plans are being drawn up in respect to a no-deal Brexit. Although the Brexit secretary Dominic Raab is confident that a deal is likely, it has been advised that it is necessary to prepare for the alternative. Brexit negotiations have entered the second phase to retain a trade deal come March 2019 when the

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19 Jun 2018

Blast Freezers and Chillers

Dawsongroup offer a full range of solutions for a variety of industry needs. Our core solutions include bespoke builds of blast freezers and chillers along with testing chambers for extreme weather climates. We tailor our service to specifically match your needs and requirements. Our aim is to help improve your business whether that be through

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13 Oct 2017

Food Safety explained: BRC Audits and Grading Chart

Food Safety is one of the most important aspects for the food industry to consider, with consumers becoming more conscious about what they are buying and who from. The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations. It provides a framework to manage product

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