Our ‘pop-up’ Cross-docking facility helps you to reduce miles travelled and the associated transport costs.

We provide fully operational Cross-docking facilities in a matter of weeks. Our in-house teams design, install and maintain the facilities in a fraction of the time of a conventional build.

A number of features and options are available, including:

  • Attached storage set at chill, freeze or ambient.
  • Spacious Handling Area with the option of refrigeration installed.
  • Option to split the Handling Area to segment product types e.g. frozen and chilled.
  • A range of loading dock quantities and sizes suited to you.
  • Data Logging equipment for traceability.

Use our facilities as Regional Distribution Centres in busy city centres where space may be limited, or strategically place them in central locations to reach nationwide destinations with ease. This also reduces the number of journeys made by vehicles that are not at full capacity. The Cross-docking facility allows you to maximise your trailer movement efficiencies around transport restrictions as well as within drivers’ Working Time Directives.

Furthermore, our Cross-docking facilities can be positioned at airports or ports. This reduces inventory carrying costs by ensuring stock is available sooner as well as driving down supply chain costs.

Accommodate all delivery vehicles

From vans all the way up to double-decker lorries.


Distribute perishable goods quickly.


Reduce costs such as Demurrage and Quay rent.

Reduce miles travelled

Lower your transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Protect cold chain integrity

Maximising your product shelf life.

Improve operational efficiency

Optimise the drop off and picking processes, minimising handling times.

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