Freeze Cold stores 0°C to -40°C

With high thermal insulation and a technically advanced refrigeration system, our units can accurately freeze as well as hold temperatures as low as -40°C.

Our Freeze units incorporate new generation refrigeration systems which enable close control of temperature – within 1°C of set-point.

Moreover, twin, high-efficiency scroll compressors mean low energy consumption and maximum cooling duty. High air movement evaporator fans ensure the uniformed temperature within the refrigerated area. In addition, data-logging equipment comes as standard, so traceability isn’t a problem.

Our twin refrigeration systems maintain the integrity of your product. Furthermore, should a fault occur with one of the systems, the standby system will automatically start. This ensures there is no temperature variance, whilst a volt free contact can alert your BMS (Building Management System) to a fault.

Adjustable temperature settings

Set-point scheduling to suit your individual needs.

Low noise and energy efficient

Down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.

High-speed fans

Ensuring even temperature distribution.

GPRS data logger

To be able to continuously monitor 24/7.

Unit interior

Easy clean surfaces, non-slip resin floors, internal drain, LED lighting, and door and frame heaters.

Safety features

Personnel Trapped, Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature alarms, emergency door release, and emergency lighting.


Available in various sizes.

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