Production Facilities

Do you have to deal with a new contract, increased volume or a new line but no internal space available?

Here at Dawsongroup we provide production modules or preparation rooms to add to your existing facilities.

We work around your production line or preparation room requirements. With our production facilities we supply various aspects from refrigeration and air filtration to changing rooms, offices as well as goods out – whatever your requirement.

Using our energy efficient refrigeration plant, we can control the facility from 2°C or above. Our quiet, low velocity evaporators ensure end user comfort whilst working.

The modular design of the facilities means that sizes can fit to your exact requirements. Furthermore, this makes future expansion easier, should you require it.


Comfortable working environment

Low velocity evaporators ensures fresh air circulation and a high roof counteracts claustrophobia.

Low noise and energy efficient

Down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.

Unit interior

Easy to clean food-safe surfaces, LED lighting and alarms as required.

Short lead times

Allows you to expand your operations quickly.


Built to suit your specific needs.

Ready to transform your workflow, efficiency and productivity?

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