Demand for warehouse space is quickly rising!

Businesses and UK manufacturers are increasingly looking to stockpile food, pharmaceutical, raw materials and much more in the event of crashing out the European Union in March 2019.

With frozen and chilled warehouse space around the UK filling up and the majority of all of the UK’s food supplies being imported from overseas, Britain could lose a large amount of the food supplies in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The Food Storage and Distribution Federation warned that “Britain isn’t set up for stockpiling food but storage space is now fully reserved from January to April, usually the quietest time of the year”.

Trade conflict is causing delays at the shipping ports and airports, a reconsideration of international supply chains. Potential knock on effects from the BREXIT situation have something in common: they require space, which may find the UK itself wanting more of it in a hurry.

Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions

At Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions (DGTCS), we describe ourselves as a hybrid; a partnership between project management and asset rental.  With the difficulty and uncertainty of the Brexit situation, we understand that businesses are under more pressure than ever to find efficiencies.

Here at DGTCS, we provide cost effective and flexible rentable solutions with quick response and installation for your business, which may be facing critical issues such as storage or production requirements.

Our solutions range from coldstore holding units, being a standard box unit or the inflatable; Blast Freezers and Chillers, Tempering/Defrost Units, Heat Chambers, Production Facilities, Test Chambers, Cleanrooms and on a larger scale, we are able to provide solutions such as Chilled Buildings, Ambient Buildings, and Cross Docking Facilities.