Our consultation service utilises the skills, knowledge and experience of 25 years working within the temperature control service sector.

We would not dream of telling a customer how to run their business. Instead, we use our consultation service to look at every situation from a difference perspective.

We make sure we offer you a practical solution that will only help your business; being an asset rental company, it’s not in our interest to rent you something you do not need. We want to grow with our customers; to find a win-win situation that suits both parties.

To be able to fully understand your requirements, we assess your operations through a site visit and provide CAD drawings at no extra cost regardless of whether you decide to proceed or not. Our project development managers work closely with your business, ensuring no corners are cut, striving for the best solution to improve your efficiencies. We work this way because we value our customers, existing or new, and we want to work with you, not just for you.


Including full site tour of your processes.

Your issue

Identifying the problem.


Discuss possible solutions, analyse your process, current and future operations and gather data and information.


Gather reports and create detailed CAD drawings, compiling a proposal.


Second meeting going through the proposal, highlighting the solution, how it will work and the justification with your current and future operations in mind.


Provide a quote, sign the contract, and arrange delivery and installation.

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