Our partnership with the UK Food Sector

We understand the constant pressure on margins in the food sector, whether you are retailers, producers or service providers. This is not a new challenge which is why we changed our business model 15 years ago from a rental business to a solutions provider.

To survive in an ever changing market environment today you need to be lean, efficient and also nimble. This means companies strive for genuine product differentiation and have to react instantly if it is successful.

Speed and flexibility with minimal infrastructure expenditure is what Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions can provide.

We realise the potential for the food industry, and how it is rapidly changing each year. Therefore, we want to be on this journey with you, helping you deal with your increased growth without the huge capital outlay needed.


Our units are all built or in the process of being built meaning short lead times.


You have experience of your business and you know what you need but do you have the skills to identify a solution? We will not rent to you unless its right for your business.  


From an internal perspective our units have 'the feel and characteristics of a permanent build'.


Whether on size, performance or siting, our modules allows the flexibility you need that a permanent installation cannot provide.


We have been working with the Food Sector for over 25 years and have a breadth of experience with a broad spectrum of companies.


Product improvement never stops, we have the quietest, most energy efficient fridges and the highest quality coldstores.

Feasibility Costs

Can you justify the costs on every new project or concept? We do not bill a penny at the consultancy stage and it remains free of charge if the project does not progress.

Product Range

In the purpose built coldstore market we have the biggest fleet, the widest range and build more new units annually than anybody else.

Customer Support

We understand the need to achieve exceptional customer support standards, and our testimonials speak for themselves. We are not only the leaders in quality, but service too.

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