High Capacity Store

The High Capacity Store, when deflated, can be stored on just two pallets, eliminating many access issues and restrictions that often block other facilities. The High Capacity Store is also energy efficient, reducing operating costs.

The structure’s height of 3.68m allows for full forklift accessibility; a major plus of the product that will enable savings to be made on stock handlers.

Each High Capacity Store benefits from a massive up to 20 pallet capacity. Units are scalable; meaning up to 3 High Capacity Stores can be linked together, creating up to a vast 60 pallets worth of Cold Storage.

Our High Capacity units are incredibly flexible and cost-effective, so it is no wonder why they have been utilised by businesses for a number of years.


Why choose the High Capacity Cold Store?
  • Control temperature between 0°C and +25°C temperature range
  • Quick install – within 4 hours per unit
  • Up to 20 pallet capacity (per unit)
  • Structures height of 3.68m allows full forklift access
  • Units can link together to increase capacity (up to 60 pallets)
  • Low logistical costs
  • Can be sited on any surface, internally or externally



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