Blast Freezing and Tempering

Blast freezing and tempering play crucial parts in a range of industries. For example, when goods and products have limited shelf life, both blast freezing, and tempering can help. Blast freezing is the process of freezing something, especially food with a rapid current of chilled air. Tempering on the other hand can bring the temperature of a product back up, therefore both processes work well within the food, pharmaceutical, environmental and research & development industries.

At Dawsongroup temperature control solutions we can provide facilities for both of these processes. We offer a range of blast freezers and chillers, they use a twin system refrigeration circuit with capacity-controlled compressors to ensure you receive maximum efficiency during the chilling and freezing cycle. We can also offer blasts that defrost your product. If you are wanting to store hot products, we have the all-in-one Eco blast that uses free cool air to take the heat right out of your product, to then chill or freeze it.

As for our tempering units, also known as defrost and quick thaw units, these are perfect for bringing your products back to your desired temperature. Our tempering facilities are designed specially to temper your products in a controlled environment. It complies with a range of standards, including HACCP, BRC and GMP to ensure your produce is of the best quality. These units use high-speed fans and directed airflow to ensure the rapid defrosting of your product.

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