Chilled Buildings

We produce chilled buildings with a width of up to 20 metres and a height up to seven metres, this way we can allow low cost rapid expansion for any business with an urgent requirement for extra chill space.

We tailor our buildings to any specifications you require, allowing us to provide you with the right amount of space for your business. The lead time from order to commence building is around six weeks, with completion in around four weeks. This allows you to expand your chill chain quickly to meet the demands of a growing order book.

Our chilled buildings can be installed upon most concrete ground using anchor bolts. If your current ground is not suitable we can arrange necessary work to be completed prior to installation.

Our in-house project team manage all drawings and project tasks saving you time and money. There’s no need for architects or associated time & fees.

We can expand quickly and cost effectively due to the modular design of our chilled buildings. This is done by disassembling one end wall and adding extra bays. In most cases, the removed end wall can then be reused. Due to the building being bolted & screwed together, dismantling and relocation is a simple process.

Here are a few advantages of our Chilled Buildings:

  • A Wide Range of Sizes Available
    Allows you to create the amount of chilled space you need.
  •  Can be sited on Existing Concrete
    Minimal disruption, fast lead times and low cost.
  • Project Management
    Working with you every step of the way.
  • Built to be Energy Efficient
    Keeping running costs as low as possible.
  • No Deal, No Charge
    If we cannot agree a solution, then we do not charge feasibility costs.
  • Short Lead Times
    Allows you to expand your operations quickly.

For more information on our Chilled Buildings or any of our other services feel free to browse the rest of our website or call us on 01623 516 666.


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