Typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, a cleanroom is a room in which the number of concentrations of airborne particles is controlled and classified, designed, constructed and operated in a manner to control the introduction, generation & retention inside the room.

The level of cleanliness inside a cleanroom is determined by the number of airborne particles larger than 0.5um, that are present per cubic metre of air. As well as this, a total number of complete air changes are needed per hour.

A modular cleanroom is a freestanding structure which can convert an existing facility into a classified clean environment. It is a fully scalable solution, as it can easily be extended or relocated to adapt to a change in demand. The modular nature of the design means a modular cleanroom can be made to any size, whether it’s just a few square meters to a hundred square meters.

With unparalleled experience in modular walk-in rooms, available in various sizes starting with an internal area of 18.37m², our expertise is adding externally sited rooms linked in to your building. This ensures no compromise to efficient process flow, thus ideal for businesses or organisations where internal space is restricted.

We deliver rooms finished to your site & offer complete installation. These include full certification, electrics, heating, plumbing, air conditioning as well as temperature and humidity control. The rooms can achieve temperatures between -60°c and +85°c, with humidity levels between 5% and 95% RH.

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