Cold Food Storage

The main difference between a domestic fridge and a large capacity commercial cold storage unit is the power and accuracy they offer to the food and catering industry.

Food can become easily spoilt if not chilled to the right temperature. Leaving you with no option but to lose money on wasted stock. Your cold storage unit should allow you to actively monitor the temperature of the unit throughout the day to ensure you comply with the legal food storage guidelines. Depending upon the food or drink product you need to store there are a range of temperature options available including ambient, cold storage and blast freezers.

The Health and Safety standards for the food industry are rigorous and complex. Most cold store units are designed to allow customers to deep clean their facility, this includes the food safe walls and floors, easing the pressure on hygiene standards.

Size is another factor of choosing the right commercial cold food storage unit. For obvious reasons, the size of your unit is important as you need to select the right storage space for your product. We offer a selection of different size units ranging from 10 pallet cold stores to cold storage modular complexes. If you are unsure of the right sized unit, please contact our experts who will advise based on your business needs.

Refrigeration units are pivotal to many commercial food businesses success. Our experienced team understand the constant pressures that the food sector is under, we strive to differentiate our customer’s solutions and help to grow this ever-changing industry. To find out more visit our Food Sector page or contact our team on 01623 516666 (