The Evolution of the Free-from Market

“The free-from market continues to see remarkable growth; NPD has been a key part of this, enabling the market to gain a share of users spend through unlocking new occasions and encouraging trade up. There is a high interest in products delivering on health, naturalness and portability” writes Anita Winther, Research Analyst.

The accelerated growth has occurred over the past few years; in 2016 it was an impressive 16% which saw the market reach £627 million. This has led leading grocers to devote more shelf space to these products, highlighting that this market is in an upward trend and is only going to grow further.

The market is predicted a 52% growth during the years 2017-21, which will see the market value reach over £950 million.

Survival of the fittest  

As well as allowing more shelf space for free-from products, a number of leading retailers have expanded their own-brand free-from ranges in recent years, heating up the competition amongst brands. Supermarket own-brands make up 46% of free-from foods, with 61% of consumers wanting to or are able to buy all their free-from food from one supermarket.

Therefore, suppliers need to be aware of the new and increasing level of demand from supermarkets in regards to supplying both free-from and normal produce. As big supermarket contracts are often crucial to supplier success, meeting their needs is a priority, yet something that current in-house facilities may not be able to cope with.

Adapting to meet the demand  

To be able to produce free-from products, manufactures must understand the nature in how they must be produced. This means an exclusive production area is necessary to avoid any cross contamination. This can be difficult to achieve as most businesses suffer from a lack of space within their existing production rooms.

Have you ever considered an offset facility?

This can either be linked as an extension of your existing production room or a completely new room attached to your building. This will not only provide you with the necessary expansion, but also the control needed to produce free-from products, providing quality assurance for your consumers.

To learn more about production facilities, and how they can help you to produce free-from products in a way that is both efficient and cost-effective, click here.