Food Safety explained: BRC Audits and Grading Chart

Food Safety is one of the most important aspects for the food industry to consider, with consumers becoming more conscious about what they are buying and who from.

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is developed by food industry experts from retailers, manufacturers and food service organisations. It provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality. The audits are graded based on the total number and type of non-conformities with food safety standards.

The non-conformities are graded as minor, major, or critical, these all have a time period where actions will need to be taken.

After the audit has taken place, a report and certification is issued which replaces the old certificate, and outlines key aspects of the most recent audit. The report coveys with accuracy the findings of the auditor and it is added to the BRC Directory.

Having the highest accreditation for your business it will only benefit your business, this includes improving consumer confidence with it being acknowledged by retailers, and manufactures across the industry. The Food Safety BRC Audit also ensures your customers maintain the confidence in your food safety programme and supply chain management, which is undeniably important to your business.


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