Production Facilities

Not every company has the resources to expand, which is why we provide production modules or preparation rooms to add to your existing facilities.

We can work around your production line or preparation room requirements ensuring you are happy with our facilities. With our production facilities we supply various aspects from refrigeration and air filtration to changing rooms, offices, whatever your requirement.

With our energy efficient refrigeration plant, we can control the facility from 2°C or above. We also ensure quiet, low velocity evaporators & end user comfort whilst working.

We can accommodate to your exact requirements due to the modular design of our facilities. This makes future expansion easier, should you require it.

Our production facilities come with further benefits, such as:

  • Comfortable Working Environment
    Low velocity evaporators ensure fresh air circulation and a high roof counteracts claustrophobia.
  • Low Noise & Energy Efficient
    Down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.
  • Unit Interior
    Easy to clean food-safe surfaces, LED lighting and alarms as required.
  • Short Lead Times
    Allows you to expand your operations quickly.
  • Sizes
    Built to suit your specific needs.

We realise that any solution proposed must improve your process or efficiencies. That is why we provide a free of charge consultation service to grasp an understanding of your business, providing a solution catered specifically for you.

For more information on our production facilities or any of our other services or products feel free to browse the rest of our website or call us on 01623 516 666.

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