Crepe Cuisine

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With Ron R. Inglis (Managing Director)


Building the business     

Over 30 years ago Ron Inglis started off his Crepe Cuisine journey by making crepes with hot plates at fairs and festivals, such as Glastonbury. With this being only a seasonal venture, Ron returned to selling frozen crepes to well established restaurants for the remainder of the year. From here he started to look at how he could expand his business through purchasing machinery, visiting France to study their method of production. Step by step Crepe Cuisine was built up from the ground.

The company found that the demand from the customers was there, but it was the distribution of their products that was the real issue. This meant that Ron found himself selling his products to the distributors alongside the end users. This allowed the company to secure their first major contract with Trusthouse Forte, supplying products to their restaurants. From this the company found out how quickly the industry changes and that constant product development needed to be at the forefront of the businesses ethos.

With Crepe Cuisine working with an array of high profile names, such as Waitrose and Marks & Spencers, they contacted Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions (DGTCS) in regards to needing Blast freezers and a two-bay complex Coldstore. With flexibility being crucial for such a time-sensitive contract, DGTCS was able to work efficiently with Crepe Cuisine providing the units, fast.

Present day

Throughout the years that DGTCS and Crepe Cuisine have worked together, a close relationship has been established, based upon trust and commitment. Building on this, the companies recently pursued another venture together; DGTCS provided an upgraded two-bay complex as well as an ambient space. This was to aid Crepe Cuisine with the storage necessary for their increasing demand, as well to further streamline their processes.

“The new two-bay complex and ambient area is impressive and fits within our ethos as a business in regards to energy efficiency” Ron Inglis began, “it is a great addition to the 8000 square feet solar panels and blast freezers Crepe Cuisine already has in place”.

He adds “with hygiene being ever apparent in the food industry, the unit provides us the space and controlled environment we need to produce the quality we strive for”.

Ron Inglis ends by saying that the “relationship the companies have together is unique, with constant communication between Crepe Cuisine and DGTCS, in particular with the Project Development Manager, who was excellent”.

With the fast-paced nature of the food industry, Crepe Cuisine and DGTCS will continue to work closely together to ensure that they can meet demand and continue to grow on their remarkable journey.