Dock Loading Pods

We understand the importance that Dock Loading Pods play in your process flow and productivity. That's precisely why we provide an all-encompassing modular loading dock solution that covers every single aspect you require, including a load house, base frame, dock levellers, inflatable dock shelter, insulated sectional overhead door, traffic light system, wheel guides, buffers, and bollards. What's more, we conduct a thorough yard survey to optimise vehicle movement, ensuring the utmost safety and efficiency.

Cross-docking facilities have now become increasingly popular not just in regional distribution centres, but also in airports and ports. This is due to the growing environmental concerns that have led to tighter restrictions in major cities, resulting in the use of smaller, usually electric, vehicles for off-loading trailers. By reducing inventory carrying costs and improving stock availability, modular loading docks and cross-docking facilities enable businesses to lower their supply chain costs.

Features and options available include:

  • Choose from chill, freeze, or ambient storage options.
  • Spacious handling areas with the option of refrigeration.
  • Split handling area option to segment product types (e.g. frozen, chilled, and ambient).
  • Multiple loading dock quantities and sizes are available.
  • Product traceability capabilities with data logging equipment.

Learn about our cross-docking and loading dock solutions. Contact us today for expert advice and take your business to the next level with Dawsongroup TCS.


Accommodate all delivery vehicles

From vans to double-decker lorries.


Distribute perishable goods quickly.


Reduce costs such as demurrage and quay rent.

Reduce miles travelled

Lower your transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Protect cold chain integrity

Maximising your product shelf life.

Improve operational efficiency

Optimise the drop-off and picking processes, minimising handling times.

Kuehne + Nagel Cross-Docking Solution

A video showing our cross-docking solution

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