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The perfect complement to your workflow, efficiency, and productivity. Our temperature control solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs; exceeding expectations and achieving outstanding results, alongside an excellent standard of service and support.

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  • Strategies built around you.

    We proudly offer consultation without cost, whilst taking the time to understand your objectives and provide personalised recommendations that offer a fresh perspective. 

    Our approach is centred on collaboration, working in partnership with our clients to achieve measurable success, which allows your business to continuously grow and evolve. 

    As market-leading innovators, we are committed to introducing cutting-edge solutions and providing clarity on what the latest options are during the initial planning phase.

  • Expertise to resolve every challenge.

    Our regional project development managers are highly knowledgeable and experienced in various industries, including pharmaceutical, food, environmental, and research & development. 

    Their expertise is critical in project development as it enables them to comprehend the unique challenges and opportunities of your industry. This understanding allows them to solve problems effectively, generate innovative solutions, and build lasting relationships within the industry.

  • Temperature control made easy.

    Dawsongroup TCS provides personalised temperature control solutions using a wide range of products and services, such as blast freezers and chillers, warming rooms, modular complexes, inflatable structures, production facilities, loading docks, clean rooms, and more. 

    Partner with Dawsongroup TCS for cutting-edge, tailored temperature control solutions that enhance quality and cost-effectiveness. Boost your business efficiency and enjoy peace of mind. Learn more now.

  • Over 30 Years of Experience …

    We have 30 years experience working with the Food and Drink, Pharmaceutical, Logistics, Research and Development and Environmental industries; providing each with solutions that improve their processes, efficiency and productivity.

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    Modular Cleanrooms

    Create Controlled Environments with Modular Cleanrooms. Learn more.

    View Modular Cleanrooms.

    Production Facilities

    Expand your production capabilities without compromising quality or efficiency. Explore our modular cleanroom solutions today.

    View Production Facilities.

    Modular Complexes

    Embrace the future of construction with modular complexes. Experience the benefits of a permanent build without the extended timelines and disruptions of traditional methods.

    View Modular Complexes.

    Blast Freezers & Chillers

    Achieve your Net Zero and Sustainability goals while enhancing your blast chilling and freezing operations. Contact us today to explore our solutions.

    View Blast Freezers & Chillers.

    Dawsongroup Build

    Partner with Dawsongroup Build for customised cold storage solutions that meet your unique needs. Enquire today.

    View Dawsongroup Build

    Inflatable Cold Stores

    Unleash the power of inflatable technology with our cutting-edge cold stores. Find out more.

    View Inflatable Cold Stores

    Cold Stores – Chill & Freeze

    Never compromise on cold storage again. Our modular cold stores offer flexible, scalable solutions for all your chiller and freezer needs.

    View Cold Stores

    Dock Loading Pods

    Optimise your loading dock operations with our modular loading dock solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation.

    View Dock Loading Pods

    Temperature Control Solutions

    Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions (DGTCS), as the name suggests, offers temperature control solutions for businesses across a range of industry sectors.

    These solutions incorporate the best range of equipment and options available in the market, a consequence of 30 years of experience and working with the right partners. But, much more importantly, we put our customers’ business first which is what makes DGTCS number one in the market.

    Question one is always ‘What are you trying to achieve?’ Our primary aim is to ensure our solution improves your business, so whatever we supply must fit your process flow.

    We provide what you need whether internal, external or bespoke to your exact requirements and the internal support team will look after the entire process from design and project management to completion. At this point, we hand over your project to our customer services team to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Contact us to book a free consultation or call our team on  01623 518538.

    Industries We Support

    Food & Drink

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    Research & Development

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