Below is a selection of common FAQs. If you want further clarification or have a question that is not listed then please call us on 01623 518538, use the chat service or fill out the form on the Contact Us page.

The deciding factors in choosing an alternative to a conventional build are invariably market confidence/uncertainty or speed. We offer an alternative to conventional builds that:

  • Negates any capital spend.
  • Has no associated feasibility costs i.e. consultancy or architect fees. It costs nothing if you decide to not proceed following a proposal.
  • Ensures speed of delivery with a finished and ready facility in weeks, not months or years, meaning you can start making money straight away.
  • Takes into account market uncertainty. How much commitment does your customer give you on contract lengths and volumes? Our contracts can be tailored to your requirements plus the equipment upgraded or downgraded within the contract period to suit your requirements.

We do not supply ‘containers in a car park’. The majority of the units we supply either link directly to your factory through an aperture in a wall or an adjustable elevation platform to lift the unit to the height of a loading dock. We can supply stand-alone multi-compartmental complexes where such a facility is needed, for instance when dealing with a ‘free-from’ product.

Absolutely not. We have had our units inspected by an independent HACCP inspector to ensure conformity with customer or regulatory bodies’ audits.

Whether new or not can depend on availability at that specific time. We have a constant build program for new units so it is likely to be brand new but no unit is delivered without having undergone refurbishment to ‘a good as new standard’s.

Yes – in fact, customers are encouraged to view equipment being built at one of our manufacturers, or when they completed the refurbishment process at our Sutton-in-Ashfield site. We are also happy to supply photographs on request.

This is one of the benefits of rental. We can add modules, remove modules, up- or down-size to suit your changing business requirements.

We would argue that our standards are higher than a service provider on the basis that poor service may result in the equipment being off-hired which we do not want. That is why we:

  • Have pre-delivery checks setting the refrigeration plant/data logger parameters in advance of equipment delivery.
  • Carry out two maintenance services on the refrigeration plant per year plus a three-year bodywork service.
  • Are on-site within four hours of receiving a breakdown call.
  • Work with our customers to ensure the right equipment is supplied to match the requirement, avoiding very common issues associated with poor equipment selection.
Perhaps, but not us. On our Service page, you will find the results from our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires, which demonstrate the high quality of both our units and our service.
With every hire, we supply a Customer Support Manual specific to the model you are hiring which includes information regarding what is considered as damage and what is considered as wear and tear, when returning the unit.
If damage occurs during hire, we recommend that you advise us as soon as possible so any repairs can be carried out immediately. If not repaired promptly, damage can affect the performance of the unit, increase your running costs, and deteriorate the equipment resulting in a higher future repair cost.

Our body shop engineer is on hand to recommend measures that will avoid repeat damage, which is in both of our interests.

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