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  • Magna Food Service

    Magna Food Service – “Why did you choose Dawson’s?” he replied, “Because I’ve bought numerous things from Dawsons, from refrigerated containers to refrigerated vehicles. As far as any food service leads are concerned Dawsons have got everything covered.” Scored us 20/20 on ‘Communication prior to delivery, aesthetic condition of equipment, actual delivery performance and performance of equipment post delivery.’ – Magna ordered and received 2 x double 26m² Inflatable Chill Stores.

  • Public Health England

    Adrian is very happy indeed scoring us Very Good (20/20) on ‘Communication prior to delivery, Aesthetic Condition of equipment, Actual delivery performance and Performance of equipment Post Delivery’

    Adrian commented “We hit Dawson’s with a request and a week later the units were on site. In anyone’s book that goes down as very good service.”

    – Adrian Dibden

  • Country Style Foods

    What do you value most about your relationship with with DGTCS? 

    ”You’re highly reliable and competent when it comes to any work that’s required”

    – Waheed Ahktar, Quality & Assistant Site Manager

  • Kepak

    What do you most value about your relationship with DGTCS? 

    ”Basically, the communication is really good. You listen. We’re not very good at terminologies and you understand what we’re trying to get across. Also about 2 months ago you wanted to replace a fan so you worked around us because we had to turn the freezer off, so you actually chose a good time for us and not a good time for you”

    – Scott Chadwick, Dispatch Manager

  • AAH

    Why did you choose Dawsons? 

    ‘I think just based on reliability and Service etc from previous years from using you previously”

    – Gordon McKinley, Senior Engineering Manager

  • National Veterinary Services

    What do you most value about your relationship with DGTCS? 

    ”I like trust, transparency, good prices and partnership”

    – Danny Roberts, Logistics Manager

  • Camstar Ingredients

    What do you most value about your relationship with DGTCS? 

    ”Clear. You give all the information that’s needed. Easy to deal with. At the end of the phone when I need to speak to somebody”

    – Hayley Cockayne, Purchasing Manager

  • Reynolds Catering

    Why did you choose Dawsons again? 

    ‘Great service’

    – Glenn Collins

  • AMRC Composites Centre

    “You gave us the best option for what we wanted, it was the most complete unit, it was a lot better product than the others that were on the market, and customer service as well”

    – Ricky Rowett

  • Birtwistles

    Why did you choose Dawsons again? 

    “Just that I’ve used you before and I’ve got confidence really”

    – Ian Hasnip

  • Forest Produce

    Why did you choose Dawsons?  

    ‘Previous experience, had stuff from you for a long time now”

    – Tony Quick, Managing Director

  • C&K Meats, Suffolk

    Why did you choose Dawsons?   

    ‘It was because we use you elsewhere, and the price”

    – Richard Brinkley

  • Allplants

    Why did you choose Dawson’s again? 

    ‘Just because, we’ve worked with you before, easy to make the transition, knew you guys had a good selection so…why not”

    – Anna Pinder

  • LA Brewery

    ”We were looking for a very specific solution and Dawson Group were able to provide it”

    – Tom Stokes

  • Cooper Surgical

    ”Delivery timescale and price as well. The delivery team were incredible”

    – Robert Aiken

  • Wincanton Holdings

    ”We use Dawsons for vehicles as well so I’d been aware and someone’s been out to see me at some point selling Dawson’s services”

    – Steve Longworth

  • British Pepper & Spice

    ”The previous history with the company, I’ve used Dawsons for about the last 8-10 years in my professional career. I’m ex Bakkavor, I’m Ex Greencore so I’ve always used Dawsons, it was me that recommended them, I mean they’re part of the team down here anyway, we’ve got one of your Blast Freezers. When I’m looking for a Blast Chiller, you guys are Industry-standard, where else would you go?”

    –  Jon Harris

  • W C Rowe

    “We had previous knowledge of you, and you are reliable – never had any issues. We see you as the industry leaders – we need the best equipment and customer support – this comes from Dawsongroup”

    – Paul Pearce

  • Astrazeneca

    “Dawsongroup provided a unique customer support service for our requirements”

    – Peter Greer

  • Kerry Foods

    “DGTCS provided resilience and reliability, it’s got more resilience than anything else out there at the moment, the other units have not got that built-in”

    – Carl Douglas

  • Absolute Taste

    “Great Service, great response time to breakdowns, good stock, good units”

    – Paul Brain

  • Knepp Farm

    ”I suppose a mix of price and quality and the service I’ve received”

    – Ian Mepham

  • West Country

    Why did you choose DGTCS? 

    ”Your service and the units you’ve got is the reason we chose DGTCS”

    – Adrian Bailey

  • Park Cakes

    ”We use you on-site for other units as well as the last one we had, the service was prompt and brilliant”

    – Alan Holt

  • Melton Foods

    “We have used you previously and cost-wise you are very close to the other options we had on the table. The turnaround and delivery were great, and your after-sales customer support is superior to your competitors”

    – Rob King

  • Muscle Food

    Scored us 100% on ‘Communication prior to delivery, Aesthetic Condition of equipment and Actual delivery performance and Performance of equipment Post Delivery’ – Why did you choose Dawson’s?” Phil replied, “Good question, we’ve worked with you guys in the past so we’d got an existing relationship with you and we’ve never had issues in the past”

    – Phil Bridgen (Operations Director)

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