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We recently delivered two single fridge units to Seachill. When we spoke with their Procurement Manager about how the solution will impact their business, he replied ‘It will bring cost savings because they’re more economical. It’s also freed up one of our bays because we’ve gone larger so it’s freed up space as well.’.

Pulleyn Transport

We recently delivered units to Pulleyn Transport, allowing them to continue operations while they go through an extension project.

When we asked Ryan (Director) why he chose Dawsongroup for this project, he replied ‘We’ve always come to you as our 1st go to’.

GXO Logistics

Following last month’s delivery of a 6-bay complex to GXO Logistics, West Thurrock, their team scored us 20/20 on ‘communication prior to delivery, aesthetic Condition of equipment, actual delivery performance and performance of Equipment post-delivery’.

When asked them what this solution will mean to their business, to which they replied ‘It’s a new project for us to it’s a really big deal’.

Sutton Harbour Group Ltd

We recently conducted an Off-Hire Questionnaire with Sutton Harbour Group Ltd, Plymouth after working with them to provide cold chain solutions to their site in order to temporarily increase storage capacity.

“Well I can’t fault it. I’ve always had emails and calls from you guys. Once it was properly levelled we’ve had no problems at all with it. The service from you guys has been fantastic.”

Pan Artisan

Fantastic feedback from Pan Artisan, Midhurst after we delivered some cold storage solutions to their site at the start of the year.

When asked why they chose us for this project, they responded with “Some of us in the company have used Dawsons before with good success. We’ve done some work with you but never progressed with it for one reason or another, not because of it being Dawsons, we just didn’t progress with the project. I’ve always been impressed with what you’ve got to offer”

They scored us 20/20 on ‘Communication prior to delivery, Aesthetic Condition of equipment, Actual Delivery Performance and Performance of Equipment Post Delivery’.

“It’s saved the business totally without the freezing capability. The reason for bringing these in is that our main spiral freezer broke down and it’s taking a long time to get sorted. We’re going through a different plan now so without any production on site for the period this compressor is down, without these Blast Freezer Units we’d have no production, we’d have no business, it’s as simple as”

Some fantastic feedback for the team!

Maple Fine Foods

As a long-standing Dawsongroup customer, we were the obvious choice for Maple Fine Foods when they required a solution for their site in Berkhamsted.

Scoring us full marks on our customer satisfaction survey, we asked what this will mean for their business and they responded ‘We’re increasing capacity so it will be a big help’.



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