At Dawsongroup Pharma, we are proud to be the leading supplier of temperature controlled solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Supporting the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dawsongroup Pharma

We understand how crucial it is that your products reach the end user in a proven, faultless condition, which is why we provide cold chain storage solutions that include quality assurance features such as backup dual refrigeration and data monitoring, ensuring that your stock is never compromised.

Dawsongroup Pharma’s hire solutions allow you to increase and decrease capacity as and when the demand for a product may increase, without the need for investing in a permanent solution which you may not need to use all year round.

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Working to GMP/GDP standards and regulations

Quality Assured Solutions

We work with leading names in the pharmaceutical sector to provide cold stores, eutectic plate blast freezers, stability rooms, cleanroom environments and ATEX storage.

Our experts work closely with you to apply stringent GMP/GDP standards and regulations to each design, as well as during supply and throughout the aftercare support. This includes qualification and validation support, GAMP5 audited data monitoring systems, as well as being insurance industry approved.

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Ensuring the highest quality solutions

Features & Benefits

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    Dual Refrigeration System

    Providing 100% backup with an auto switchover, in the unlikely event of a fault occurring.

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    Date Monitoring

    All solutions are fitted with data loggers, designed according to GAMP5 and conforming with FDA21 CFR Part 11, providing both hard copy and electronic temperature data.

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    Operational Efficiency

    Returning typical operating costs of 25% less than other commercial units, with extremely low noise emissions.

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    Range of Operation

    Whilst our refrigeration systems have a standard operating range of +30ºC to -30º, we also offer modules that can reach temperatures between +85ºC and -80ºC.

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    LPCB-Approved Materials

    All of our units are constructed using LPCB-approved Polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation materials, which give a guaranteed 30-minute fire resistance.

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