“Our operations are far more efficient, both day and night!”


Bidfood, a major wholesaler for the catering industry, delivers to customers across the UK from over 20 depots nationwide. Dawsongroup were tasked with helping Bidfood’s Salisbury depot, who found that as their company continued to grow, they were running out of space to store their frozen products.

“A quick solution was needed, and the most logical step was to use the outdoor space that we have here” explained Warehouse Shift Manager, Paul Scott.

Dawsongroup swiftly provided three cold storage units that were adapted to fit as an extension of one of the existing units. This was a bespoke approach that vastly increased the temperature controlled space for stock at a relatively low cost.

Each unit not only offered the capacity for stock rotation, but also the necessary space to introduce stock picking which allowed the depot to run as efficiently as possible.

“With the volumes that are coming in and out, I know that without these units we would be paying overtime on the picking shift, which would really add up”, Paul said.

“These units make our operations far more efficient, both day and night, and we’ll continue to rent the units from Dawsongroup temperature control solutions for the foreseeable future”.

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