The Domino’s factory in Penrith supplies dough balls for the company’s pizza outlets across the North of England and Scotland. The factory was facing more demand for dough balls than ever before yet had run out of space to store them all.

“What we’ve seen isn’t simply a spike in demand, it’s ongoing growth,” General Manager, Louis Van Wyk explained, “We realised we needed a solution to our lack of storage space in order to keep things running efficiently.”

Dawsongroup was tasked with creating additional cold storage to relieve the pressure on stock being held. A two-bay widespan cold storage complex was quickly constructed on-site which immediately achieved this aim.

“We’re able to work more efficiently now, which means we can continue to grow without any negative impact on the business,” says Van Wyk.

“It’s really improved our stock rotation and there’s also a health and safety benefit as stock was being stacked too high and there wasn’t enough room to move around.”

Penrith factory have rented this cold storage unit since February 2017 and intend to continue doing so while business growth is maintained.