Double Production With a Cost-Effective Solution

Double Production With a Cost-Effective Solution

Enabling businesses to increase output from their existing facility without any significant infrastructure investment is what we’re all about here at Dawsongroup TCS. 


The first week of 2021 saw a 2-year contractual commitment with a leading UK food manufacturer who, with increaseproduction of a particular product line from 750,000 units per week to 1.5 million per weekset the following challenges for our Project Development Manager: 


  • Find additional storage without the need to double or treble handle the product. 
  • Keep the finished product at the correct temperature throughout. 
  • Reduce costs on refrigerated trailer rental & third-party haulage. 
  • Facilitate easy and quick loading of trailers for distribution. 


The facts were that a pallet of product is completed every 7 minutes and a third-party transport company were charging them per hour for a refrigerated trailer sitting on their loading bay, as well as charging them for the delivery and collection of the trailer every time. There was also no extra frozen storage capacity available on site for the additional pallets. 


The solution was a high roof 2 bay modular complex, as per drawing, accessed from the production area through a set of rapid roller doors for holding finished products awaiting dispatch and a loading dock attachedincluding a dock leveller to allow for different trailer heights, to minimise loading time. 


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