Marfast & Co Ltd

“We now have the flexibility to buy in products according to demand, without travelling off-site to store them!”

Marfast & Co Ltd

Marfast & Co Ltd is a family-run wholesaler based in Manchester who supplies to a wide range of fast food outlets.

“Marfast relied on off-site facilities when they ran out of storage space. Which involved a half-hour round trip” explains Business Consultant, Ian Hannah,  “This was neither cost-effective nor an efficient use of time”.

Dawsongroup were tasked with providing an on-site solution to the lack of storage space, cutting out the 30-minute travelling distance. A 24-pallet capacity freezer unit was promptly assembled allowing the required storage space to be utilised.

“This gave us the flexibility to buy in products according to customer demand, without having to travel off-site to store them”, adds Ian.

Marfast was so impressed with Dawsongroup fast and effective solution that they bought a further freezer unit at a larger capacity.

“Throughout both our purchases, the team at Dawsongroup have been both professional and reliable. We are extremely pleased with the level of service we’ve had and how these units have helped us grow as a business”.

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