Metering Solutions Firm

Providing assurance on product performance through controlled environment testing.

Metering Solutions Firm

An international metering solutions company, who requested anonymity, sought Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions’ assistance in testing their product performance in extreme conditions.

The firm had recently won a big contract that involved exporting their water meters to Russia. However, the meters had not been exposed to the adverse weather conditions that they would face in Russia, up to -20 degrees. The issue was very time-sensitive as they needed re-assurance that the components within their product would still perform, before they could complete the contract.

Dawsongroup TCS quickly provided a solution by supplying a 31 Pallet Twin Fridge Environmental Test Chamber. The unit simulated the temperature in Russia and maintained it at -20 degrees whilst the product is tested for complete functionality.

Dawsongroup TCS were able to prove that the components were fully functional at the lower temperatures. The speed of the resolution to such a time-sensitive issue allowed the firm to go through with the contract, assured that their product would perform.

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