Mustard Foods

“Dawsongroup are central to our growth”

Mustard Foods

Mustard Foods have been established since 1974 and are a centralised production unit, meaning that they are used by restaurants to outsource elements of their menus. As demand for particular restaurants continues to grow, and the choice for consumers is multiplying, it is often necessary for restaurants to have to outsource parts of their production.

As Mustard Foods started expanding, they began to outgrow their site and facilities. This is the point at which Dawsongroup temperature control solutions (DGTCS) aided their ongoing expansion and facilitated further growth to meet demand. Relocating would be costly in time, money and staff for Mustard Foods, therefore DGTCS have found smart ways in which their current site can be utilised to its maximum potential. Mustard Foods needed additional storage for chilling and freezing ingredients and produce in order to fulfil their increasing customer orders.

DGTCS then provided Mustard Foods with a 31 pallet coldstore to accommodate the rise in orders. Since then, DGTCS have provided Mustard Foods with many refrigerated units including a two-bay modular complex and multiple coldstores. A purpose-built blast freezer was constructed for Mustard Foods which they have since purchased and have as a permanent fixture on site.

Flexibility of rental

Due to these assets being on rental, Mustard Foods have had the flexibility of having as many units as necessary to deal with demand, without investing large amounts of capital needed to purchase refrigeration units.

The Managing Director of Mustard Foods, James Robins, describes the service as “flexible as we do not have to invest ourselves in refrigeration which we may grow out of” and states that “Dawsongroup are central to our growth in terms of refrigeration”.

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