Oil & Gas Firm

Impossible they said. Possible we proved.

Oil & Gas Firm

A large oil and gas firm, who wished to remain anonymous, contacted Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions to solve a critical internal logistics issue. The firm operates in the Middle-East off-shore extracting crude oil from the sea bed.

The extraction process takes place using large pipes that run from boats down to the ocean floor. If one of these pipes cracks or breaks, they have to be sent back to the UK for repairs to occur. The firm stated that they could transport the faulty pipes to the shore for repairs instead; however it was argued that engineering work in the 53 degrees heat was impossible.

Dawsongroup TCS offered a solution through a 39 Pallet Environmental Test Chamber in which they could simulate the heat and humidity conditions that would occur in the Middle-East, whilst repairing the pipe on-site in the UK.

Dawsongroup TCS successfully proved that the engineering work could take place in that kind of environment, saving the firm substantial transportation costs, as well as improving the turnaround time for a faulty pipe to become fully functional and back in use again.

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