Saving over $1million a year


Dawsongroup temperature control solutions (DGTCS) worked alongside a leading pharmaceutical company, who specialise in the research and development of new drugs to create a bespoke facility to bring a previously outsourced process back to their site, resulting in a saving of over one million dollars per year.

Due to the nature of the industry and associated strict regulations, bringing this process back on site would not only result in the streamlining of operations, but would also enhance the quality and reputation of the product.

Working in harmony

DGTCS have expertise in this industry and worked in partnership with the client to understand the exact requirement and provide the necessary solution.

Due to the complexity of the process, a fully integrated solution was crucial; combining cold storage units with an ISO 7 classification cleanroom suite.

With a wealth of previous experience in the pharmaceutical sector, DGTCS were able to create an operational modular facility, equipped with -20°C cold stores designed with complete 100% back-up capability, a controlled defrost unit, a blast freezer and cleanroom areas. The solution included airlocks, a comfort section with fully functional changing facility to a finish which exceeded the client’s expectations.

The Process

The process involves control defrosting of bulk frozen serum to 0°C, where it then moves to a decanting chamber and is hose pumped through sealed apertures into the main section of the ISO 7 classification cleanroom area and the product is bottled. On the other side of the cleanroom the bottled product is passed through a sterile air lock. It is then labelled, racked and transferred to the adjacent blast freezer, where it is frozen and held to await distribution.

Steve Arthur, Project Development Manager at DGTCS describes this project as ‘a real step up for the business, it is a complete solution. Bringing this process back on site has resulted in a saving of over one million dollars per year.’

For a graphical presentation of this solution, see below the walk through video of the solution.

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