Why rental is the right decision for your temperature control assets!


Why rental is the right decision for your temperature control assets!

“Never during my 36 years on working in the asset rental sector has that statement ever been truer than now”, says Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions Managing Director Rod Benham.

2020 is over, we have an EU trade deal and the Covid vaccine roll out has started, but the pandemic is not over. Yes, people must eat so the food sector is quite correctly deemed essential and business has gone on, with retail booming, but will 2021 be any better?

“Like most I am in awe at the speed at which the biotech sector has produced the coronavirus vaccine. However, recalling a visit a good number of years ago to a sole supplier to the leading UK retailer and being told that they had to replace their products every seven months I am similarly impressed how suppliers to the retail sector have been in constant evolution and I fear that will not change in 2021. As the discounters remain as does pressure on sales per metre in retail outlets.”

For those in non-retail, whether food service or hospitality, it’s not simply when will things return to normal but how much will return, and business models must evolve and will continue to have to in the coming year.

“Evolution in a period of such uncertainty with cashflow under extreme pressure is why it is the right time for rental which offers, with the right partner, speed and flexibility without the risk. One underappreciated aspect of rental over purchase is any reputable rental operation will understand the need to ‘get it right’ on its proposal. I am hardly revealing a trade secret when I say, ‘utilisation is the key to profitability in asset rental’, as exactly the same principle applies when purchasing a piece of production equipment as when hiring an employee, so why risk failure?”

At Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions we are rightly proud of the feedback on Customer Satisfaction Survey results stated that 93% acknowledged YES to the question “Do we demonstrate that we understand what you need and what you want from us” so can we help you. For more information, contact us on 01623 516666.


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