Everything You Need to Know About Blast Freezers From Dawsongroup TCS


Everything You Need to Know About Blast Freezers From Dawsongroup TCS

There aren’t a lot of companies that provide temperature control solutions like Dawsongroup TCS, especially solutions like our Portable Blast Freezers / Chillers.

We’ve been renting blast freezers and chillers for over 30 years and have an excellent understanding of the market, which is why we can help to improve your Net-Zero & Sustainability Plan and get your off-site blasting back in-house!

By working together we can ensure you get the solution you require – without any significant investment or risk.


Understanding the needs of our clients.

We also understand the complexity of the blasting process and find that many of the clients we meet have knowledge gaps when it comes to defining what they want to achieve.

However, after taking time to sit and discuss what options are available, we can ask the right questions to find the most suitable solution for your needs.

After decades of supplying blast freezers to the UK market, not only have we satisfied the needs of our customers but, we have bettered our understanding of blasting, such as:


  • Realising the importance of airflow within our freezer designs 
  • Understanding the effects of packaging and loading 
  • Avoiding the effects of freezer burn
  • Preventing moisture on film 
  • Designing our freezers using the importance of cycle times
  • Enhancing our freezers process flow for improved productivity
  • Adding great flexibility like crust freezing


Have a “blast” with freezers from Dawsongroup TCS.

All jokes aside, our portable blast freezers and chillers are state of the art and are only supplied following a heat load calculation carried out by Dawsongroup TCS.

This means that we consider a range of aspects before supplying our products, including:


  • Product Type
  • Volume
  • Temperature on entry
  • Required cycle time and temperature


Our aim is to understand the exact needs of our customers, to know what they want and ensure that they’re left with the perfect solution for their business.

This is one of the reasons why Dawsongroup TCS actively encourages product trials for our blast applications, allowing you to observe the benefits first-hand, such as:


  • How to prepare the Blast properly for each cycle ensuring optimum performance and energy efficiency.
  • High-speed fans: Ensuring even temperature distribution.
  • GPRS data logger: To be able to continuously monitor 24/7.
  • Low noise and energy-efficient: This is down to the highly efficient capacity control compressor.
  • Sizes: Available in various sizes.
  • Holding mode: Once your product is at your desired temperature the Blast holds the product, rather than freezing it down wasting energy.
  • Adjustable temperature settings: Set-point scheduling to suit your individual needs.
  • Unit interior: Easy clean surfaces, non-slip resin floors, internal drain, LED lighting, and door and frame heaters.
  • Safety features: Personnel Trapped, Mains Failure and Over/Under Temperature alarms, Emergency door release and lighting.


We typically conduct product trials at Sutton-in-Ashfield, where we have the selected unit made ready and running at the required temperature for a pre-agreed date and time.

The customer will then arrange for the product to be delivered to Dawsongroup TCS in the same manner and configuration as they usually would.

A member of the Technical Team will present at the time of the test and full details and data will be presented to the customer post-trial.

However, accepting there will be additional costs involved re transport etc. we can do trails at your site if preferred.

Our blast freezers incorporate the latest technology and are supplied with;


  • Skin and core probes for monitoring temperature during the cycle
  • Internal air flaps that ensure air passes through the product
  • Sound attenuated to address potential environmental issues
  • Blast Hold facility to save incurring unnecessary energy costs
  • Optional functionality for tempering / defrost cycles 
  • The option to temper the product back to holding mode.


This ensures that your blasting process runs smoothly and offers a seamless experience when trialling our blast freezers for quality assurance.


Ready to rent a Blast Get in touch today by calling us on 01623 516 666, or visit our ‘contact’ page and tell us about your project.

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