Flexible storage in time of need

The Inflatable Chill Store is the most flexible product on the market. The inflatable range is a solution that can suit you, in a time that you need.


Flexible storage in time of need

The Inflatable Chill Store is the most flexible product on the market. The inflatable range is a solution that can suit you, in a time that you need.


Benefits of the Inflatable Chill Store:

  • Delivered on 2 pallets, meaning there are no transport issues on route.
  • No access restrictions meaning it can be sited in a courtyard, on a mezzanine floor, anywhere you choose, including the roof if you have lift access.
  • The unit is easy to move, so can be done without help from us, meaning there’s no additional charges should you need to move the unit.
  • When you have finished using the unit, it won’t cause issues as you simply deflate it, reducing disruption to your business.


So if you need extra chill capacity immediately whether;

  • Due to an unscheduled event.
  • For holding additional raw materials.
  • Needed for a holding facility for fast moving goods to alleviate going in & out of the stores.
  • More working area is required for preparation / packing.
  • As a temporary outside store to speed up either off-loading incoming chilled goods or loading outgoing chilled goods.
  • To use if a cold room is being refurbished.


The Inflatable Chill Store is invariably your answer, beyond it’s USPs of speed of deployment and portability. Not only does it solve your issue but you will be amazed by its durability, exceptional strength and ability to withstand extreme weather. It’s low environmental impact means it’s fire redundant and supplied with a quiet running fridge running on R448a refrigerant with a GWP of 1273.

We have two sizes of the unit, a 7.8m² and 27m² as per above, but the larger unit can be linked together to create a double or triple solution and has unrestricted forklift access.

With speed being of paramount importance to ensure you don’t miss any opportunity, The Inflatable Chill Store is our quickest, cost saving solution, to your chill facility needs on site.

Please watch our short installation time lapse video here and if you are still not convinced please use the Contact Us button or call us on 01623 516666 to arrange a demonstration.



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