Introducing the Inflatable Structure, Our Most Dynamic Solution!


Introducing the Inflatable Structure, Our Most Dynamic Solution!

Using inflatable technology from Tectoniks, our Inflatable Structure is a flexible solution for your business. It can be easily transported and deployed wherever you need it, placed on any flat ground and installed in as little as one day, minimising disruption to your business. 


The Inflatable Structure allows you to react quickly to any sudden need for extra space, giving you the agility and flexibility to grow your business space sustainably and keep up with demand.  


Our Inflatable Structure is a great alternative to a temporary building, with no upfront costs, becoming the most dynamic space in your business and it can be used for a variety of applications, helping to improve your processes, productivity and efficiency.  


The flexibility of this solution means it can be configured to your requirements, with the option of different door styles or even open ends if you need truck access. This allows for unrestricted access, creating improved process flow, with the ability to link as many modules together as needed. 


Benefits of the Inflatable Structure: 

  • Speed of deployment – as little as two days installation, reducing disruption to your business 
  • Flexible – can be linked to an existing building and placed on any flat ground 
  • Easily transported and deployed 
  • Door configurations to suit your requirements or open ends for maximised process flow 


For more information on how the Inflatable Structure can transform your business, get in touch on 01623 516 666. 




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