ISO Cleanroom POD’s

ISO Cleanrooms are rated according to how much a particulate of specific sizes exist per cubic meter...


ISO Cleanroom POD’s

ISO Cleanrooms are rated according to how much a particulate of specific sizes exist per cubic meter. The cleanest cleanroom is Class 1 and the least clean is Class 9.

Our Cleanrooms are used and designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates such as dust, airborne organisms and vapourised particles.

Cleanroom POD’s – we design, build and supply.

DGTCS design, build, supply ISO Cleanrooms for industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical, Biotech, Life Sciences, Research and Aerospace. These are industries in which strict environmental control of the manufacturing process is a must.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak we have seen new and emerging markets that need our Cleanroom technology. These markets include:
• University Start-Ups
• Pharmaceutical Distributors – these companies are providing bespoke compounding services
• Sanitising and Skin Care Products Companies

If you are one of these companies mentioned or would like to learn more, please give us a ring on: 01623 516666

DGTCS are also experts in turnkey solutions such as our Cleanroom PODS. We provide consultation, design, installation, commissioning & validation.

Our Cleanroom PODS are Prefabricated On Delivery providing an innovative alternative to conventional Cleanroom design.

Afterall, you need flexibility, minimal restrictions and reduced timescales. Our PODS are unique as they are scalable and mobile.

Our modular design Cleanroom POD’s can be located both internally or externally and can be linked to an existing facility to provide a quick seamless expansion. A great option for pop-up laboratories, start-up’s & spin offs. A true ‘plug and play’ system, providing a quick, cost-effective, internally configured segregated area, controlled to ISO Classification.

What are our Cleanroom PODS used for?
• Bespoke Pharmaceutical Compounding Services
• Low Volume Production
• New Product Introduction Trials

But, what does it mean to you and your business?
• Pre-fabricated, pre-engineered multi-processing units
• Bespoke design with internally configured segregated area
• Plug and play
• ISO Class

The features and benefits of our ISO Cleanroom POD’s include:
• Modular scalability
• Ease of installation
• Fully integrated
• Connectivity to existing facility
• Shorter project timescales
• Permanent or temporary solutions
• Purchase or rental options

Get in touch today to find out more on 01623 516 666 to find out more about how our ISO Cleanroom POD’s can work for your business and improve your processes.


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