Robots: A Unique Solution To Staff Shortages


Robots: A Unique Solution To Staff Shortages

We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of staff shortages in the UK, some of the worst in over a quarter of a century. However, at Dawsongroup Robotics & automation, we may have the perfect solution to the staff shortage.

Staff shortages in the food production industry, in particular, have been ongoing for months and are set to continue for at least two more years, according to the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

This is on top of the cost inflation in a decade, petrol shortages, issues in the global supply chain, carbon dioxide supply problems, post-Brexit trading issues, and – of course – the pandemic; all of which add to rising pressure for food production companies.

We all know that to ensure things run smoothly, the food industry needs around four million people to work from field to fork, including logistics and packaging. However, we’re falling short of that figure by around 500,000 people. As a result, we need to look past the problem and towards the future, in order to both understand how the problem was caused and how we can solve the matter at hand.

A Unique Solution To Staff Shortages

That’s where we come in… at Dawsongroup Robotics & automation, we’ve found the perfect solution to staff shortages and it all starts with a robot!

Now, when we start talking about robots the word ‘Terminator’ or ‘R2-D2’ may spring to mind. Although, we’re not talking about 1984’s smash hit film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger or the fan-favourite droid from the Star Wars saga. 

No, what we’re talking about is the automated mechanisms made to perform human-like tasks, which have been around as far back as the 13th century.

Robots have become increasingly popular since they first came about and they’re becoming a lot more integrated into society. 

For example, The Times recently wrote about the latest business craze, known as “cobots”.

The author Jim Armitage, describes cobots as “smaller, cheaper robots that work with humans to automate parts of the process rather than all of it”, which are great compared to the giant factory-built robots that are “dangerous for humans to be around, and hugely expensive to buy and install”.

The rise of the ‘cobot’ could put robot helpers alongside humans and evolve British factories from being among the least automated to some of the most efficient factories in the world.

Nevertheless, a lot of us still consider robots to be futuristic, expensive, and too difficult to apply to everyday scenarios; but, this isn’t necessarily the case.

If robots are the future, then the future is now!  

Usership vs Ownership

When it comes to solving the problem of staff shortages, we need to understand usership.

More and more companies are moving towards usership over ownership, and for good reason; there’s greater flexibility and often better results because of it. 

For example, the flexibility of a rental plan covers best-case and worst-case scenarios, whilst allowing you to regularly update your equipment and ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Along with being able to have the latest technology, businesses no longer need to worry about the changes to legislation and compliance – plus, no initial capital outlay means you can reinvest in your own company instead!

The Solution To Staff Shortages

So, why should you know more about usership? 

Well, that’s because Dawsongroup Robotics & automation’s unique solution combines the advantages of usership with automated end-of-line palletisation systems – solving your staffing issues without replacing essential workers.

It also saves you from having to spend capital on recruitment or expensive new equipment.

In fact, instead of hiring new staff when the labour pool is dry, hire Dawsongroup’s complete end-of-line palletisation systems solution, Dawsongroup PAL. 

At a cost equivalent to hiring a new worker, and with no initial capital outlay, it will start earning you money from Day 1… without the need for training! 

There are various benefits to this solution, such as:

  • Repurposing existing staff – The idea is not to replace staff, but to allow you the flexibility to relocate staff to where they are needed most. With a compact and modular design, Dawsongroup PAL can easily be incorporated into existing operational footprints, eliminating the need for any reconfiguration of the floor layout.
  • No more lost days – The Dawsongroup PAL has an hourly rate less than the minimum wage. Uptime is maximized as it can work 24 hours a day, seven days a week without taking a single break. Never lose another workday from Covid, workplace injuries, sickness, holidays or strike action.
  • No more unexpected costs – With a set monthly cost, just like a salary, you know what your outgoings will be and can plan ahead. Full service and maintenance are provided by Dawsongroup 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, removing any other unexpected costs.
  • Quick and efficient – Delivered as one module, the Dawsongroup PAL automated palletizing system is installed quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime and production disruption. The accompanying software allows new pallet patterns, new case sizes, and recipes to be quickly and easily added to the system. With two pallet positions, you can remove a pallet from one position without stopping the robot from palletizing on the other.
  • Increase productivity, reduce risk – With Dawsongroup TCS you can increase your output and financial stability with minimal risk. By taking advantage of this unique rental solution, you can assess the potential of robotics for your company without any commitment or capital investment. Robotics is the future of food manufacturing; this is the perfect opportunity to get your business used to working alongside robots before your competition does, and it will give you credibility towards a subsequent full robotics implementation. Remember, a rental decision you make today, you don’t have to live with tomorrow.
  • Rental of a single cell, still a cost-effective solution to your labour issue, allows your team members to get used to working alongside robotics before any significant investment

There’s a vast array of benefits to utilising our newly developed palletization system and if you’re looking for a reliable solution you rest easy knowing that Dawsongroup has more than 85 years of usership experience, from field to fork!

Not to mention, our smarter asset strategy and a 98% customer satisfaction rate make Dawsongroup the perfect partner in your journey to streamlining your processes and automating your end-of-line palletisation.

Are you ready for the future? Get in touch today by calling us on 01623 516 666, or visit our ‘contact’ page and tell us about your project.

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