Temperature control with free consultancy


Temperature control with free consultancy

‘A lot of businesses need us; they just don’t know it’

At Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions we are very proud that one of the best sources for new customers is due to a contact moving from Company A to Company B and saying, “we need Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions here”. A great testament on how we look after our customers.

The feedback we receive is fantastic, but the challenge is getting the message out there about what we do. If potential customers are unaware of how we could help them why would they search for us? This is why we focus on the benefits to our customers.

Here at DGTCS we have the perfect recipe for these uncertain times; having the skills and experiences to work with you to find the solutions you need that offer both speed and flexibility.

A great example of how we have proven that DGTCS can provide solutions that offer these benefits, is the introduction of our new Inflatable Structure. The uses for this structure are almost endless. Therefore, making our potential customers aware of the benefits our range of solutions can provide them, is essential.

Please see the below video of our new, flexible solution; the Inflatable Structure.

We are a hybrid between a consultancy business and a rental operation offering solutions ‘with the feel and characteristics of a permanent facility’. The difference between ourselves and traditional consultants is not simply that we do not charge by the hour, but we do not charge anything for time spend at the feasibility stage. We justify this with a good conversion rate from enquiry to solution because when you do know what we do, business follows.

For more information about our free consultancy service, please contact us on 01623 516666.


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