Process Flow and Temperature Control


Process Flow and Temperature Control

Every Production Manager knows that like any other inefficiency, less-than-optimal product flow ultimately impacts your bottom line as processing takes longer. In a perfect world every production line would be optimal but unless a brand new factory is implemented that is rarely the case. Reality is operating in an environment designed decades ago when the lines produced different products and output was significantly less.

At Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions we understand this predicament and with our client we look for solutions that create far bigger operational savings than the cost of our solutions. Whenever we add modules to create the space our client needs, we endeavour to ensure it will work optimally for the client’s business.

That philosophy was partly driven by a significant off-hire back in 2008 at a food production plant supplying one of the major supermarkets where we had 13 separate modules linked to the facility, added over a period of sustained growth. The supermarket offered increased volumes albeit with a price reduction, a scenario recognised by all, but the product could not be produced for that price and a stand-off followed. The retailer subsequently moved production to a nearly new built plant where with better process flow they could produce at the proposed price and make a margin. The plant closed and our modules returned.

The opposite to the above was a struggling sandwich producer where the management feared the future of the site. Here we supplied two modular chilled complexes: one for goods-in of three modules with a single loading dock, the second for goods out with four modules and two loading docks. Once completed and operational, this being key as a sandwich producer has no downtime, the client then removed all internal coldrooms allowing space to improve the process flow of the operation with extended conveyors. They were also able to install a faster packing machine.

Feedback 12 months later was that an additional 70,000 sandwiches are packed per day. As for the future of site, at a preliminary meeting the Project Manager had stressed that it was “a game changer for the site”, it was awarded the next big product launch of the retailer.

If you’re looking to improve the productivity of your operations (why wouldn’t you be!), always choose the partner who wants to understand your business as that will determine ‘the true cost’ of your decision making and is also why Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions remain market leader.


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