‘What Are You Trying to Achieve?’


‘What Are You Trying to Achieve?’

Why do Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions continue to be the market leader in their sector? The simple answer is ‘it’s how they work’ with the first response to any enquiry being ‘What are you trying to achieve?’.

But why ask questions rather than simply quoting what has been requested so we can secure the business? Because our priority must be that whatever solution we supply works for our customer. If it does not, we have no long-term business partnership.

In fact, the most understated benefits of rental over purchase it that a good rental operator will realise that unless he satisfies the need the correctly the asset will return.

By partnership we mean we work with you to ensure the solutions works for you which is why our Customer Satisfaction Survey shows 93% of respondents say YES to:

‘Do we demonstrate that we understand what you need and what you want from us?’

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