We supply Dock Loading Pods


We supply Dock Loading Pods

Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions have been supplying bespoke solutions from temporary production room to cross docking for over 30 years, helping customers to improve productivity and increase output from their existing premises. For many companies, a much needed solution in their supply chain is additional loading docks.

Our cross docking equipment has a range of benefits and purposes including:-

  • Increased output, whether linked directly to an existing building or off an additional chamber/s with multiple docks.
  • A dock attached to a new goods input complex to both reduce internal movements and ease the pressure on the goods outward bays.
  • A new mini RDC (Regional Distribution Centre) to improve efficiency and customer service.

– For a cross docking operation whether close to an airport or port or outside major cities as environmental issues dictate change where the back modules are designed to suit for your operational and productivity needs.

Supplied to suite the user’s requirements, our cross docking facilities will include load house, base frame, dock levellers, inflatable dock shelter, insulated sectional overhead door, traffic light system, wheel guides, buffers, bollards as required plus following a site survey a CAD drawing highlighting vehicle movement to ensure both safety and efficiency.

For more information about this equipment or any other temperature control solutions we offer, please contact us on 01623 516666.


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