Modular Temperature Controlled Facilities


Modular Temperature Controlled Facilities

The Future is Modular

A phrase often heard in recent times is MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) yet modular construction is hardly new. In simple terms, it is construction off-site in factories to meet or exceed building standards then transported to site and assembled, thereby reducing overall construction time. Examples from the 20th Century would include the “Bailey Bridges” used in the Second World War by the British military and post-war with prefabricated houses.

Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions have been supplying modular construction to the food sector for 30 years, indeed the first to do linking modules to existing facilities whether as a single module or multiple  modular complexes. We remain as relevant today as a fast and flexible option in an ever changing marketplace.

Supplied bespoke to the user requirement the finished product may be modular but replicates the requirements of a food production facility with ‘the feel and characteristics of a permanent build’ but without the extended build time and disruption associated with a traditional build. Our bespoke temperature control solutions include portable blast freezers and portable blast chillers, portable tempering rooms, temporary production rooms, inflatable chill stores, portable testing chambers and more.

Did you Know we Supply Modular Cleanrooms?

Having over the years perfected how to build a modular solution that retains temperature on seeing a lack of a modular option attached to facilities, space is invariably at a premium within, it seemed natural to progress to cleanrooms. We supply modules for ISO classification Class 5 to Class 8.

For more information about this equipment or any other temperature control solutions we offer, please contact us on 01623 516666.


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