Vertical Farming Isn’t the Only Thing Growing This Year


Vertical Farming Isn’t the Only Thing Growing This Year

This year we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of units being used for vertical farming and use of our portable production room facilities. However, vertical farming isn’t the only thing growing this year at TCS, our employees are growing too!

Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions, Daniel Poismans, Rod Benham

Daniel Poismans: 20 Year Service Award

From Apprentice to the Senior Management Team, our Service Manager, Daniel Poismans, has recently received his 20 Year Service Award.

Danny has been a huge part of Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions’ growth and has watched it evolve through the years, being part of the company from a young age. 

Initially, Danny started off as an Apprentice Refrigeration Engineer at the age of 16. Through dedication and a passion to learn more, Danny successfully completed his apprenticeship and soon after progressed to Refrigeration Bay Supervisor. 

After working with the Technical team, Danny then decided to join the office, working on the Service Desk before becoming a key member of the Senior Management Team. 

Nowadays, Danny is responsible for the Fleet Desk, Projects & Service, and continues to be an integral part of the Senior Management Team.

Discussing his achievements with the company, Danny commented:

“I am very proud of my achievements in my first 20 years with the business. I have seen and been part of a lot of changes over the years, experienced various roles and am very grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me. Dawsongroup today is so much more different to the one I joined 20 years ago and it is very clear that employees have a great opportunity to progress within the business, and that the company will invest in its people. My aim is to help the next generation of DGTCS employees develop and we have made a great start with our current bunch of apprentices and trainees”.

A particular achievement is Danny’s work with new apprentices/trainees and supporting their training. Danny is 1 of 15 employees to achieve the 20-year milestone and continues to increase our high staff retention rate by evolving the team.

Rod Benham, Managing Director, commented:

“As a business, we always give employees the opportunity to progress and while we have always done well with our Electrical & Refrigeration Apprentices, not just the high retention rate post qualification but we have three others in our Service and Technical teams who are still young but already with a combined service of 40 years. However, one thing Danny should be very proud of is his introduction of office-based apprentices particularly as one of his first batch is about to take her first managerial role, Customer Operations Manager Dawsongroup Process & Climate Control, as she approaches her 21st birthday”.

As you can see our employees are growing stronger and stronger each year, pushing the company’s growth and bringing new and innovative ideas to the table. 

Interested in starting a career at Dawsongroup TCS… why not check out the latest vacancies on our ‘Careers’ page? 

Click here to see what positions we have available. 

Dawsongroup TCS, Vertical Farming, Portable Production Room Facilities

Vertical Farming: The Evolution of Agriculture

Similarly to the growth and evolution of our employees, we’re evolving to the agriculture sector’s latest trend, Vertical Farming.

Our vertical farming units are adaptive to the environment in so many ways, being portable is just the start. Vertical farming gives you total control of the environment, which in turn allows you to control the quality, quantity, variety and subsequently the price. 

Is The Future Of Farming Indoors? Click here to learn more about this article by Forbes.

Through the use of our farming modules, we can provide flexible, risk-free, yet scalable vertical farming solutions accessible on rental and contract hire agreements; whilst also providing ongoing support and can offer bespoke funding.

Want to discover more about our Vertical Farming solutions?

Why not visit our website’s vertical farming page for more information, or download our ‘Growing Without Risk Brochure’. Click here to learn more.

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