Everything You Need To Know About Cleanroom PODs


Everything You Need To Know About Cleanroom PODs

Everything You Need To Know About Modular Clean Rooms

In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Modular Cleanroom PODs. 

We’ve created this blog as a comprehensive guide to cover everything from basic features to the benefits of Cleanroom products in new and existing markets. 

After reading this you’ll know exactly how to use Cleanroom PODs and why your business might benefit from investing in Dawsongroup TCS’ Cleanroom solutions.

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Cleanrooms, Cleanroom PODs, Modular Cleanrooms

What are Cleanroom PODs?

First and foremost, we need to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind… or at least those who aren’t familiar with Cleanroom PODs.

The question that we’ll be answering is “What are Cleanroom PODs?”.

Ever heard of Cleanrooms? If not, visit our Modular Clean Rooms page for more information on Cleanroom solutions and how they’re used by businesses. 

What are Cleanroom PODs? To put it simply, these are Cleanrooms that are Pre-fabricated & Pre-Engineered On Delivery, being one of the latest and most innovative Cleanroom solutions available.

Here at Dawsongroup TCS (Temperature Control Solutions), we produce ISO Classified Cleanroom PODs that meet the latest ISO Classification standards and are compliant with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority’s (MHRA) regulations.

Cleanrooms, Cleanroom PODs, Modular Cleanrooms

We view our Cleanroom PODs as an innovative alternative to conventional cleanroom designs, as they’re both effective and adaptive to environments where flexibility & restrictions on space & installation timescales are key factors. 

Being portable and fully self-contained, they make a suitable option as both permanent or temporary solutions, which is why our Cleanroom PODS are available for purchase or rental.

Want ISO classified modular cleanroom facilities complete with temperature and/or humidity control on a flexible plan, delivered fully certified and commissioned on-site?

Book a free consultation and find out why we have a 95% customer satisfaction rate! 

What are the features of Portable Modular Clean Rooms? 

When it comes to providing customers with Cleanrooms, our ‘solutions process’ consists of an in-depth consultation that allows us to design a floor plan that’s tailored to your needs.

Additionally, it also allows us to produce bespoke designs with internally configured segregated areas controlled to ISO Classification.

We can even integrate your Cleanroom with an existing facility, whether it’s going to be used internal or external from the facility!

Other features of our Cleanroom PODs include:

  • Modular scalability (based on standard modular units)
  • Ease of installation (less complexity due to our plug & play concept)
  • Full integration
  • Shorter project timescales 
  • Portable design
  • High-quality (reducing risk & liability)
  • Rapid installation
  • Freestanding & self-supporting
  • Faster time to market / new product introduction
  • Upcycle or recycle
  • Permanent or temporary solutions
  • Outright purchase or rental options
  • Plug and play (provides a quick, cost-effective, internally configured segregated area, controlled to ISO Classification)

Cleanrooms, Cleanroom PODs, Modular Cleanrooms

Once reviewed and approved, we can make a start on installation, commissioning and validation of our pre-fabricated, pre-engineered multi-processing units.

These modular units are perfect for an array of uses, being perfect for manufacturing facilities that require strict environmental control, such as:

We can provide ISO classified modular cleanroom facilities complete with temperature and/or humidity control on a flexible plan, delivered fully certified and commissioned on site.

These are ideal for pharma compounding services, low volume production or new product trials and can even be used as pop-laboratories.

Cleanrooms, Cleanroom PODs, Modular Cleanrooms

What are the benefits of Cleanrooms?

At Dawsongroup TCS, we’re dedicated to providing the latest portable Cleanrooms and offering innovative Temperature Control Solutions to our new and existing customers. 

Following the pandemic, we’ve seen a range of new markets with demand for cleanroom technology and as industry leaders, we want to introduce our cleanrooms to these new and emerging markets, such as:

  • Aerospace
  • Precision Engineering
  • Communications & Electronics
  • Semiconductor Markets
  • Pharma distributors that provide ‘bespoke’ compounding services
  • Post-COVID 19 ‘Pop up Labs’ producing ‘self-test kits
  • Start up’s & Spin-offs (Universities)
  • PPE & face mask manufacturer’s
  • Sanitising & skincare products
  • Pharma Compounding Services (tailor-made, bespoke medication)
  • Low volume production
  • New product trials
  • Solar cells & alternative energies
  • Lithium-ion battery production
  • Silicon chip fabrication

Cleanrooms, Cleanroom PODs, Modular Cleanrooms

15 Benefits of using Modular Clean Rooms:

There are many reasons and applications for using our Clean Rooms, which is why we’ve listed the 15 benefits below:

  • Bespoke, flexible & agile
  • Reduces design & installation timescale
  • Delivered to site & unloaded
  • Compared with conventional construction & therefore lower cost
  • Due to pre-engineered & prefabrication in a controlled environment
  • Reduced on-site disruption
  • Fully integrated; HVAC, electrics, lighting, plumbing & monitoring
  • Small installation team
  • No additional structural support required
  • Quick extension via link or tie in
  • Reducing product development costs
  • Increasing availability & return on investment
  • For extended ‘life’ cycle
  • Reducing commitment
  • Financial flexibility

We offer expert in-house knowledge and would be pleased to show you how Dawsongroup’s Cleanrooms can work for your business and improve your processes.

Ready to buy or rent? Get in touch today by calling us on 01623 516 666, or visit our ‘contact’ page and tell us about your project.

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