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Queensland Bakery

We recently delivered a refrigeration unit to Queensland Bakery, Andover.

When asked about the delivery, they stated that the unit has been useful in ‘increasing their output and reducing costs of external freezing’.

They scored us full marks on our customer satisfaction survey and as a repeat customer, were again happy with the service provided by Dawsongroup!


Princes recently required a refrigeration unit for their site in Cardiff.

We asked why they chose Dawsons for this project and their response was excellent.

‘Our last ones were from Dawsons. I’d known Martin Bowman from my previous company where I’ve worked on projects with him before so I’ve trusted Dawsons before. My relationship with Martin turned into like a happy marriage and Dawsons were already at Princes’

‘It will mean that whilst it doesn’t quite wash its own face financially over the course of the lease we will A) see the benefit with energy saving and B) it will help us move towards our green goals for environmental sustainability’

Zorba Delicacies

We recently delivered some of our inflatable structures to Zorba Delicacies, Ebbw Vale.

They scored us 20/20 on ‘communication prior to delivery, aesthetic condition of equipment, actual delivery performance and performance of equipment post delivery’ and referred to the delivery team as ‘excellent’.

Why did you choose Dawsons again this year?

‘We’ve already rented the Inflatables so we know what to expect so that helped. The rep contacted us as well offering what we can do and advised pricing which was held so that was good’

‘It gives us the additional storage for the December period which is what we required which is great’.


We recently worked with Costco, Milton Keynes to deliver a unit to their site. We asked why they chose Dawsongroup for this project.

‘Well we’ve got one of your extended units out there already. It’s just good pricing. You guys are really good to deal with and we’ve had no issues with that big one so we just thought you know what why change when we’ve got a good thing going’

’More sales, that is what it will mean for us. So this time of year we have to backlog. Our Bakery department pre-preps everything because we can’t keep up with demand. So it literally means more sales and keeping up with the demands of our members and making sure we are able to supply for them what they come in for’

Copas Turkeys

Why did you choose Dawsongroup?

‘Well we’ve been supplying your turkeys for many many years, we’ve previously used up to 10 refrigerated trailers from you guys in the past but we’ve changed our production.  So we’ve only taken 2 trailers this year (instead of the usual 8-10) and we’ve changed our production so we don’t run our coldstore anymore. We’ve actually put the inflatables in our coldstore just to wake our coldstore plant up which is massive, it costs us £5000 just to wake it up. So we decided the Inflatable was the way to go’

What will having these Inflatables mean for you as a business?

’It’s important to us that we maintain the correct temperature for our birds. We hang our birds for 14 days so keeping and controlling the environment to around 4 degrees gets the proper maturation’


We recently delivered 3 refrigeration units to Nutriment, Camberley.

They scored us full marks on our Customer Satisfaction Survey, stating that ‘Dawsons always deliver on time with quality and a performance that allows us to grow and develop our business’.

The units have ‘created a higher level of stability for finished products’, a great example of how our cold chain solutions can increase reliability and increase capacity, allowing you to expand your business.


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